10 Things To Consider When Booking a Banquet Hall For a Corporate Event

If you are planning on hosting a convention for a large group, choosing the right venue is incredibly important. There are many elements to consider when you are searching for a Banquet Hall or Private Event Venue Flemington for a professional event. The venue you choose can potentially influence many decisions and affect attendees’ experiences, but it also consumes a large portion of most event budgets, adding more pressure to making the right decision. What are the most important criteria for choosing a venue for corporate event catering? The following list should address any questions or concerns that you may have.

  1. Budget: When planning a corporate event, your budget will be very important. Cost is often the main factor people use when considering or ruling out venues, and of course the price tag of renting out the venue must fit within your event budget. This is especially true when you are using your company’s money.
  2. Space Specifications: This would include things like the room capacity, including lobby and exhibitor space if you are planning a meeting or convention. You will need to make sure that the space you are considering will have enough room for all the guests that you are expecting. Technical capabilities such as lighting, electrical, audio and visual amenities, also fall into this category.
  3. Scheduling Availability: This factor is probably a given, but it is a good idea to have several day and time options in mind before you start reviewing venues. Choose a small window of dates so you can be somewhat flexible in choosing your venue. You don’t to immediately limit the number of venues you can consider.
  4. Security: This can an often overlooked but very important factor. Security includes not only a flemington private event venue’s security personnel but also things like security doors and limiting venue access. When it comes to corporate events, you want to be certain that only guests/attendees who have been invited, or are a plus one, gain access to the event.
  5. Conflicting Events: If you are planning a large business dinner, or sit down conference that will include speakers, you probably don’t want any disruptions. If your potential banquet hall flemington has a wedding, wedding reception, or sweet sixteen happening in the room right next door on the same date, you may want to shop further. Loud parties could be disruptive to your event, and since this will be involving employees of your company, you will want things to be as focused as possible. Make sure there aren’t any simultaneous events at the venue that could conflict with or interrupt yours.
  6. Customer Service: Having the banquet hall staffed to your needs is very important. Not only does the venue need to be responsive to your needs prior to the event, but it also needs to have adequate support staff on site during the event to respond to the needs and requests of you, your staff and your attendees. If you are planning to serve dinner, make sure the banquet hall has adequate waitstaff and bartenders if appropriate.
  7. Location: The location of the venue should be conveniently located for your guests. If this is a business conference, try to book a venue that is within a reasonable distance so colleagues do not have to travel an excessive distance. If travel is required, it may be a good idea to book a venue that is reasonably close to an airport so your guests do not have to travel much once they land.
  8. Parking: Be sure that your potential venue has available parking options for the amount of  guests you are expecting.  Consider how much valet parking will cost to make sure it fits within your budget. In addition, proximity to airports and public transit is also important if you have many guests who aren’t driving their own car to the event.
  9. Word of Mouth: Reputation is everything. It is important to find out about a venue’s past success with similar events before you book it. Do some research by asking other event planners and vendors regarding their experiences with the venues you are considering. In addition, look at online reviews to round out your assessment of a venue’s reputation and track record.
  10. Vendor Restrictions: Some venues have a list of exclusive vendors that they will allow to perform work in their venue. If you are using outside vendors, make sure that you can bring them into the venue, and that the venue will amicably work alongside them.

There are many other things that you could consider when it comes to booking a corporate event at a banquet hall. If you have any questions about your upcoming event, feel free to contact a New York catering company anytime!